MORE June 1971 Cover.jpg

Chapter 1: A Culture of Criticism

The Limitations of the American Newsroom and the Societal Role of Press Criticism

Chapter 2: Rosebud Associates

The Crisis of Objectivity in American Journalism and the Founding of (MORE)

Chapter 3: The Marble Admonition

Chronicling the Journalism of the Early ’70s and Challenging the Institutional Press

Chapter 4: The Gathering of the Gothamedia

The First A. J. Liebling Counter-Convention and the Coalescence of the Intellectual Elite of American Journalism

Chapter 5: Get Me Rewrite

(MORE) Adjusts to the Post-Watergate Press

Chapter 6: The Gadfly

How Press Critics and Their Targets Interact: Two Case Studies of (MORE) and the New York Times

Chapter 7: How the Press Became the Media

More Becomes a “Media Magazine”

Chapter 8: Further(MORE)

The Demise of (MORE), and Its Legacy for Press Criticism