Provoking the Press author Kevin Lerner exhumes press-critical journal from the ’70s,” by Jeremiah Horrigan, in the Almanac Weekly/

(MORE) guided journalists during the 1970s media crisis of confidence,” by Kevin Lerner, in the Columbia Journalism Review

"Anyone who cares about journalism, journalistic practices, ethics, and press (media) criticism, will want to read Kevin Lerner's meticulously researched Provoking the Press, the definitive biography of (MORE) Magazine, the late, much missed, short-lived journalism review. Not only will you learn much, but it's lots of fun, crammed with irresistible anecdotes."

—Victor Navasky, former editor and publisher of the Nation, chairman of the Columbia Journalism Review, author of Naming Names

Kevin Lerner's spellbinding history of the last tumultuous moment in American journalism couldn't be more resonant for the one we're in now. This book uses the story of (MORE) magazine in the 1970s to urgently frame the most important questions swirling around the media today, from the duty of reporters to describe history as it really is to the debates around objectivity and personal identity. This isn't just a wildly entertaining read, but an undeniably important one, too. Kudos to Lerner for unearthing an rollicking moment of journalism history to help us make sense of where we are.

—Kyle Pope, Editor and Publisher, The Columbia Journalism Review

Provoking the Press is a welcome addition to the scholarly subgenre of press criticism/journalism history principally because its author provides a new way . . . to look at the more than sixty-year campaign against corporate mainstream news media’s Holy Grail of objectivity.”

—Arthur S. Hayes, Fordham University, author of Press Critics Are the Fifth Estate: Media Watchdogs in America

“Lerner’s work adds an important chapter to the history of press criticism as well as the broader history of 1970s journalism.”

—Christopher B. Daly, Boston University, author of Covering America: A Narrative History of a Nation’s Journalism

(MORE) , December 1972

(MORE), December 1972

What conservative critics get right—and wrong—about the media,” by Kevin Lerner, in The Washington Post’s Made by History section.